Josh Turchetta – thoughts?

The folks over at VideoLab on YouTube dared to wonder what Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel would have looked like if it wasn’t so… bleak. So, they decided to

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  1. The addition of color really makes the movie work better, visually — of course, this still doesn’t fix the glaring plotholes.

  2. Agree entirely with what you said. Ditto with Marvel that embraces its comic / graphic novel origin and colors. This video has a point that WB felt it was bright color that harmed Green Lantern – neglecting it was just a shitty movie.

    A problem Disney suffered from as well when it comes to the word Mars in movie titles.

  3. Thank you, Josh – yes, the X-Men movies are not produced by Marvel Studios. (Albeit the non-Brett Rattner directed ones are pretty decent)

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