The Mind Restrained, Destroyed by Science, and The Credible Hulk…

The Mind Restrained, Destroyed by Science, and The Credible Hulk have all been part of a pledge, last year, to not share any memes or otherwise provide exposure or links to a certain pseudo-science woo peddler.

That, in itself, is a good pledge – you deal with woo-peddlers by depriving them of attention and exposure, as that is how they monetize their brand.

The irony, and sadness, is that I have never seen these pages mention said woo-peddler more, than since they took that pledge — kinda missing the point. When called on it, they all claim that they aren’t giving him any exposure, as they don’t provide links, and only repost screenshots, or memes making fun of him.

That is true – yet they all apparently have never heard of the concept of publicity, which they are providing him by giving him exposure (even if it were negative) and by having people comment it and mention his name (which then gets aggregated by the FB algorithms, and will result in those reading the threads, or participating on their pages, to be shown ‘pages you might like’ of that particular woo-peddler, and thus further giving him much desired exposure and metrics (particularly the “talked about” metric).

I’ve tried to explain this to all three – but it appears patting each other on their backs at the good job they are doing at ‘making fun’ outweighs actually understanding how such a boycott really works, or should work.

It’s okay, like most activists on FB, they are kids, who think they are the smartest people in the room – it’s no different than the various ‘atheist’ pages and groups on Facebook, sadly.

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