““Oh, definitely I’m taking lump sum. If you take the lump sum, you’ll get to invest it and make a lot more money,” Georges, 47, said, seconds after buying Mega Millions tickets in Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday. “I trust myself.””


Anyone taking the lump sum is an idiot, and will be broke within several years – it really doesn’t matter what your grandiose plans are, or how much you get paid. Lump Sum = BAD IDEA.

The winner will have to decide between a lump sum of nearly $905 million or receiving $1.6 billion in 30 payments.

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  1. Plus, I think the whole argument of “If I smartly invest $500 million dollars, I can make the investment grow into far more …. blah blah blah…” — with $500 million in the bank YOU DON’T HAVE TO FRIGGIN’ WORRY ABOUT “GROWING” THE INVESTMENT — you have so much friggin’ money that you can just keep living off it, even if you only put into a checking account. Even more so if you take the annuity (because if you tell me that you can’t live off $25 million a year (growing by 5% each year) then I’m gonna call you names …. 😉

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