Branded, for all to see, by stupidity.

The world’s most celebrated athlete standing on the podium in Rio in honor of receiving yet another gold medal has something important in common with you…

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  1. “So what’s the harm?” – the typical response.

    What’s the harm, indeed?

    Aside from legitimizing anti-science pursuits, encouraging people to seek ‘alternatives’ and promoting quacks and sharlatans who WILL encourage innocent, ignorant people to forego life-saving medicine in order to sell their snake oil.

    Yeah, where’s the harm in that?'s+the+harm&source=bl&ots=mASHF_WhLN&sig=7c73TlfqwopR7mKcCqgHQMwMWn0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjPqsOak7_OAhUM4WMKHe5IBJUQ6AEINjAJ

  2. Acupuncture – ditto. Falls under the same category of being largely quackery.

    Studies have shown that acupuncture provides zero improvements to various ailments, with the exception of one very particular type of lower back pain, in which case the results are inconclusive.

    Except for studies conducted by acupuncture proponents, of course, which show it as miraculously treating everything.

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