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There won’t be any early reviews of the new Star Trek series, but that’s nothing to worry about, right? In … Read More

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  1. In a move that should instill in Star Trek fans the utmost confidence, CBS has embargoed all reviews on the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery. Of course, it would be hard for most critics to review it anyway, since they’re not sending out any screeners, but even for the press who do attend New York and LA premiere events, they won’t be allowed to talk about it until the first episode airs on CBS on September 24. And that’s good news! It means that we’ll all be able to be surprised by how good the show is.

    Of course, some might be tempted to believe there’s another reason that CBS would try to keep a lid on Star Trek: Discovery, and, okay, fine, we’ll admit it, that may be true. CBS probably figures that it’s unfair for critics to get to witness the greatness that is Star Trek: Discovery before everyone else, so they’re using this embargo to keep things fair for everyone. Isn’t that nice of them? Not has CBS likely produced a masterpiece here, but they’re egalitarians as well!

    After its first episode premieres in a few weeks, the second will immediately be available on CBS All Access, with more to follow there. You’ll need to subscribe to the app to watch it, and in all honesty, you should probably just sign up right now. With the way CBS is keeping Star Trek: Discovery reviews embargoed, it’s clear that they’re so confident in the show’s success that they don’t need the fawning reviews to help convince anyone.

    Keeping Star Trek: Discovery reviews embargoed takes guts, but would you expect any less from the people who made what will probably be the greatest Star Trek show, maybe even the greatest TV show of all time?

    September 24 can’t come soon enough.

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