Maybe some of my avid Sanders supporters should read this article – I don’t expect they will, though.

“All of this is grist for partisans in both camps. Clinton supporters will shout down Sanders as ineffective (“We’re progressives who get things done!”) while Sanders’ allies will attack Clinton as a sellout to the rich and powerful. But if you ignore this conflict and widen your aperture, you’ll see the degree to which both candidates are stuck in the same place, despite their competing labels and approaches.

If either wins the White House, both Clinton’s tortoise and Sanders’ hare will run into the same obstacle—barring an unprecedented shift in the rules and conditions of American politics, there’s no possible world in which they could achieve their core aims as president.”

There’s no question: Compared with Sen. Bernie Sanders’, Hillary Clinton’s agenda for the United States is less transformative, more incremental, and more committed to the status quo. Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate made this clear. Sanders wants free college education, funded by a tax on W…

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