This is a head’s up for those of you familiar…

This is a head’s up for those of you familiar with clickbait warrior Bill Palmer, he has launched a new site and page:

DOWN GOES TRUMP (not giving URL or Page link)

After all the recent negative press his Palmer Report has received from legitimate news media, and many groups blocking him, his articles, links and surrogates — he does exactly what he did after the same thing happened to his DailyTrashBin, I mean, DailyNewsBin… starting another site, taking his sycophants, surrogates, and fake accounts with him, and hoping nobody figures it out … for a while.

Please be aware, and warn your friends and any groups that you may be in, to not fall for his bait, and to unfollow, or unlike the site, as well as adding it to the Persona Non Grata list of fake news and clickbait sites.

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