This is so much win in this video, on so…

This is so much win in this video, on so many levels. There was not a single time during this video where I wasn’t either face palming, or crying with laughter.

Oh yeah, she was one of those ‘sovereign citizen’ nut jobs, and, oh boy, did this one ever go sideways. This cop had the patience of a sait – but I’m sure high-fives were exchanged off-duty.

Jeff Gouda, Gary Reilly, Scott Shimamoto, Michael Burger, Chris McKinney, Bill Missett, Britton Cooper, Bill Trafford – I don’t know where to stop. 😉

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  1. Paweł Żuk: “Wow, by Michael’s standards any country with cops is a brutal dictatorship. Cute” – yes. That’s pretty much it. Michael is no longer with us, though. There’s a point where I get tired of the stupid.

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