This is the kind of mindset we are dealing with here, and why I am referring to Sanders supporters (well, a lot of them) as ‘children’.

Zee Hatley, who is now gone from my wall, and who confined himself to the oubliette, is a perfect example and illustration – posting a meme about ‘retaking Congress’ – which I point out as being a virtual impossibility right now, because of gerrymandering. Despite his insistence that he ‘gets’ gerrymandering, it’s very obvious that he doesn’t have a clue, as he firmly believes that if you wish hard enough (or “let’s get enough people to vote, that will make a difference”) that it will “work”.

Even posting graphic illustrations to show why it won’t matter didn’t help – as usual, he just gets angry, and basically threw out “Well, then don’t vote at all!”

When I pointed out that the energies are better spent working on regaining a Democrat majority in the Senate – not only will that directly help any future President, but it is actually achievable – he just blocked me.

I guess prayer chants, and wishing really hard will really work for him. Uh huh.

I guess I should have used more crayons.

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