Today is Steve Jobs’ Birthday 😢

Remembering him, reading this, and responding on devices that he conceived is his immediate legacy.

His Apple becoming the largest, most successful, most profitable company is making the ultimate dent in the universe.

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  1. Marcin , when people deliver brilliance, and success, they have earned the right to be what some consider to be ‘assholes’ — it is, oftentimes, what being goal-driven, results in.

  2. Steve Jobs earned it.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger earned it.

    Particularly when, for the most part, those applying the label of ‘asshole’ in the first place were the kind of people that oftentimes are time-wasters, interpreting brusqueness as ‘asshole’.

  3. 2012? Maybe you should update your knowledge base, Pawel? Maybe you should also update your contextual information, while you’re at it.

    Seriously getting tired of people not doing their homework.

  4. Chaos theory is guess-work based on a lack of data points. Everything insufficiently understood appears like chaos.

  5. My point, is that those people aren’t assholes, just because someone they cut off in mid-sentence says so.

  6. As for the aforementioned Foxconn suicides – that had nothing to do with Foxconn paying death benefits, for dying on the job, equal to nearly a lifetime of employment. Coincidentally, the suicides stopped when those benefits were eliminated.

    As for ‘working conditions’ – this is china, and Foxconn offers the best of the working conditions (and wages) in mainland China.

  7. Yes, correct – but there was always a context, and in his case, an understandable one.

    When you have a chance, go read for better insights. First person accounts.

    Not a hack job like the Isaacson biography.

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