So, it’s official now – GOP candidates are engaged in a giant game of one-upmanship to see who is the bigger moron, and who is more unelectable.

So far, it’s a close race between Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. I really can’t decide who is leading, but they certainly are both leading far ahead of any possible pack.

Any moment now, I have no doubt, Santorum will get out of the clown car, and will leave both of them handily behind.

Today was supposed to be Rand Paul’s Big Day, the one where he was able to say

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  1. He does, doesn’t he? Right there, presidential material, right? LOL.
    Where, oh where did his parents go wrong?

  2. This is my goto response to the idiots proclaiming how we live in the Illuminati world where the powerful elite pulls all the strings – “if that were the world we lived in, we’d now have President Romney, instead of the black guy all the rich bigots hate”

    I usually get a blank look in response – clearly, they never considered that.

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