Totally, absolutely what I believe as well. This guy deserves kudos for posting this.

Have you seen this video post by a Midlands man following a traffic stop in Lexington County, SC? The two-minute clip has gone viral since it was posted yesterday, and it might surprise you. After watching the video, click here to see an exclusive interview with Will Stack: #TrafficStop #WalterScott #MichaelSlager #NorthCharleston #scnews

Posted by WIS TV on Friday, April 10, 2015

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  1. The same applies to white kids. They aren’t exempt from having to act properly. In fact, no one is.

  2. You confirmed what I have been advocating all along – ubiquitous surveillance cameras on every corner, every signpost, everywhere. Constant, ubiquitous video surveillance will not only keep police in line, it will do the same for every citizen, and will speed up solving crime and finding bad guys by a significant factor.

  3. I agree with you – and I *do* advocate ubiquitous surveillance. It places everyone on the same footing. Equality in front of the video camera.

  4. The stabbing last yeah in Abu Dhabi of a western woman by some Islamic extremist in a burqa was solved within less than 24 hours – because she was tracked from camera to camera to her home, where the police arrested her and took her into custody.

    Imagine how fast the Boston Bomber would have been caught had everything had had surveillance? (the first breakthrough came from an iPhone camera image, for example).

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