Tried a bottle of Coca Cola Life today.

Horrible flavor. Seriously, rank!

Mexican Coca Cola FTW. Seriously, what’s so difficult about making a good tasting Coke???

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  1. It’s all genetics – obviously there are some people that enjoy the flavor (Katrina). I usually like Stevia, so thought I’d like it, but was wrong. Like Mary, I bought a six-pack in the bottles, and then placed the remainder on the sidewalk. A day later, it’s still there. 🙁

  2. Uh, I ‘regularly’ drink maybe 3-4 coca cola bottles in a given year. I haven’t been drinking it since childhood, and I certainly am not a regular consumer of soft drinks – I drink iced tea (no sugar) or plain water, as my go to beverages.

    Thus, I am able to distinguish between the different flavor of coke – particular the taste of Mexican coke, regular, or coke zero (which tastes close, but not entirely like regular coke. When I do drink Mexican Coke, it’s usually a 6 ounces mini bottle, and even that I don’t finish.

  3. None of those sweeteners ever taste perfectly like sugar. Except for sucralose which has perfect flavor.

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