Tuesday Primaries. … and she won South Dakota for a…

Tuesday Primaries.

… and she won South Dakota for a gain of 10 delegates.

… and she won New Mexico and has 17 more delegates.

Clinton won NJ – 63.8 % – gained 64 delegates, now.
Sanders lost NJ w 36.2 % – Sanders gets 41 delegates

So, her presumptive win went from “by just 2 votes” to “by just 71 votes, by now.

Let’s have this conversation based on your earlier comment, after 8:00pm, Christopher Hennes.

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  1. This is becoming painfully pathetic – a primary doesn’t go your way, and it’s pointed out to you, and you unfriend the guy pointing out how you’ve turned into a cultist?

    Yeah, that’s really going to convince yourself that you’re not in a cult, Christopher Hennes….

    Sad. Really, really sad…

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