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  1. AveĆ© – it’s been established that everyone is infected, and has been infected since the beginning. There is no ‘infection’ to spread.

  2. My point is that, once people turn, they are ineffective as a threat after about 30-60 days (more like after 2-3 weeks). It’s this process called ‘decomposition’. Thus, by the present season, there would be no more ‘swarms’ or giant herds of undead. Most would be decomposed skeletons. The only ones to fear would be anyone in your group that dies.

    To illustrate:

  3. Well, again, then they wouldn’t turn – and then they wouldn’t all die at once. I’m not discounting that individual ones will keep turning throughout the timeframe… I just don’t see where these herds, or these groups of dozens or so walkers, heavily decomposed and compromised, would come from. Most of these would be vulture fodder, or been eaten by carrion feeders – not to mention maggots.

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