Trey Gowdy : “He knows the law and has no cheap, politically driven timeline” – apparently, the new wet dream-boy of conservatives and objectionists (I mean, objectivists). It’s hilarious to the kind of hero worship for this guy from that demographic of tools.

Oh yeah, he certainly has no cheap, politically driven purpose – after all, how many prior bi-partisan Benghazi investigations were there? Now this clown is wasting millions $$$ more.

Watch out Hillary Clinton!  Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is hot on your tail, and your political machine can’t keep him from the truth. The tough former prosecutor is leading the …Share

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  1. Exactly. I was recently in a funny group that seemed to be almost entirely composed of conservative douchebags chanting for the downfall of Hillary (while highlighting this Trey guy), while claiming that those disagreeing with (or, in my case, were utterly amused by them) need to be less closed minded.

    Yes, those folks are entertaining.

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