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We often hear about the evils of Big Pharma, but it’s not the only medicine industry putting your health at risk

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  1. “I demand that these chemicals be thoroughly studied, and even then I won’t allow them – while I stuff these unverified and untested products into my body…..”

    This is what’s so amazing about these cretins – that they are perfectly okay with the ‘natural products’ they shove into their body being completely untested (“you don’t need to test natural products”)…

  2. “I always laugh at the “they have the cure for X, they’re just hiding it” claims. Why? You could charge anything you wanted for a cancer cure and people would pay for it.” – exactly. Look at erectile dysfunction medications. Obviously, they weren’t hiding those.

  3. It doesn’t appear that there’s any group monitoring this either. Yeah, so much about ‘big pharma bad’ (those drugs ARE tested and regulated)

  4. “But, but, but, in the absence of regulation everything is supposed to magically work perfectly despite all the examples where it doesn’t!” – now, now, leave libertarians out of this…

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