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  1. OK, so apparently Tony has suffered an aneurysm or stroke, and appears to be permanently mentally incapacitated. This is a shame, as he used to be a damn good writer and analyst – yet apparently prone to emotional meltdowns. Good bye, Tony.

  2. He blocked me, out of the blue, from one moment to the next – we weren’t even talking. I was reading some stuff on his wall, in fact an excellently written analysis (which I’ll still use) and next thing I know, FB tells me that ‘this content is no longer available’.

    Not sure if it was FB that screwed up, his account got suspended, or whatever else, I reached out to him from an alternate account, through a friend — whom he immediately blocked as well.

    It’s pretty obvious, at that point, that he’s lost his mind.

    Thus, as is customary, I have now blocked him and kicked him out. If that’s his wish, for whatever stroke induced reasons, I’m more than happy to oblige.

  3. I did so after he had whatever meltdown he’s had, because that’s what his reaction comes across. At the very least, someone can fire off a PM if something grates him, or whatever. As it stands, he acted as if he suffered a psychosis of sorts — and I will treat him as such.

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