Armageddon is nigh – I agree with Fox.

No, seriously – what’s in it for a man to marry?

Where have all the husbands gone?

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  1. Actually interesting what Suzi points out – it’s also been my experience that, for some obtuse reason, men seem more driven to marry.

    Yet, the majority of those ended up in divorce and unhappy – and then promptly remarried.

    What gives?

    The ones that are happy are the ones who remained unmarried.

  2. The way I see it, women want to marry men so they can change them.

    Men just want to change the channel.

  3. Oh, the comments are always what makes these links worthwhile. Of course, c’mon, it’s a Fox link.

  4. Actually, Marcin had a brilliant idea. Do away with marriage. Eliminates the whole controversy over gay marriage as well, and really will piss off the religious even more.

  5. Yeah, but they also claim that “marriage is our reward given to us by God for proper behavior” ( which ranks high amongst the biggest crock of idiocy I’ve ever heard ) – so taking that away from them will just piss them off more.

  6. Tax advantages? Really? When I lose half my assets to divorce, I get to deduct that from my taxes?

  7. You can have the same, if not better, tax advantages by keeping all your taxes in a corporation.

  8. Too many formerly married people that I know suffered from divorce, lost their business, their house, or what have you? Those losses are tax deductible?

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