White House insiders who enable Trump while advancing their own…

“If they really believe there’s a need to subvert the president to protect the country, they should be getting this person out of the White House. But they’re too cowardly and afraid of the possible implications.” – just as I thought — the article is written by ignorant imbeciles, lacking any awareness of process or bigger picture.

Think about what an imbecile the author is:

– aside from the fact of how strategically difficult it is to “get Trump out of the White House” – chances are they would fail, get fired (or worse) and Trump remains — EXCEPT NOW WITHOUT ANYONE TO COUNTER HIS AGENDAS.

– Further, does this imbecile author not think that these WH insiders haven’t actually thought about that themselves?? I guess not, and this author is so damn smart to have thought about that, and these insiders haven’t.

– Finally, let’s assume they get Trump out. Great, right? Mission Accomplished? Pat yourselves on the back, amirite?

Except, now Mike Pence takes over — who might be, arguably, worse — and who now knows who the WH insiders are, and who will get rid of them. Well done – now the Republicans truly have what they want, with Mike Pence.

Shortsighted, ignorant article.

White House insiders who enable Trump while advancing their own own agenda aren’t “unsung heroes.”

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  1. Like Claus von Stauffenberg should have just identified himself and resigned in protest … that would have been much more honorable. Amirite?

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