Why isn’t the mainstream media covering this?

These two officers in Georgia have killed over 250 people in the line of duty.

The officer on the left, Shane Walsh, has killed 41 people in the line of duty, before being killed in cold blood on a cold fall night by his very own partner and best friend on the right, Rick Grimes, back in late 2011. This was due to a custody dispute and argument over who was the better father and lover to Rick’s wife, Lori Grimes, who slept with Deputy Walsh several times and was believed to be pregnant with Deputy Walsh’s child as well.

If that’s not bad enough, Deputy Grimes is still allowed to keep his position as a Georgia full-time deputy sheriff and holds custody over his son Carl and his recently deceased wife Lori and Shane Walsh’s child Judith. Rick is an unstable father and has killed over 200 people in the line of duty. It’s time to speak up and against people like this.

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