Yes, America should switch to metric. The U.S., and Burma, are the only third world countries left.

CNN opposes this on idiotic grounds. Jim Wright, as usual, says it far better than I could: “Arguing that continued use of an idiotic kludged together system of arbitrary measurement is somehow the equivalent of protecting world heritage against the ravages of Islamic extremists is hands down the goddamned dumbest false equivalency you could possibly make.
Almost as stupid as equating what’s left of CNN to an actual news agency.”

Why Lincoln Chafee’s call for America to switch to the metric system is misplaced.

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  1. This goes right along the dumb answers the White House gives wherever one of their petitions deals with the metric system. Their official stance is “its all about giving people choice – in American, Americans can choose whatever system they want to work with”.

    Yes, indeed. This makes America much better than Burma, the other third-world country, that also uses the imperial system (and was home to Rudyard Kipling and White Elephants).

    Oh, and I’m sure the guys at NASA are glad that there was a choice:

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