Yet another set of easily impressed people going on about…

Yet another set of easily impressed people going on about how impressive Oprah is and what a great President she’d be … blah blah ..

Needless to say, I bring up Oprah’s embrace of Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil, or Jenny McCarthy and the whole anti-vaxxer fiasco, and my posting links how, basically, the entire medical establishment has decried both “Drs” as charlatans and quacks.

You can just imagine how that went from there, since the respondents are borderline anti-vaxxers and believe that both quacks are “professionals” and that I just can’t deal with strong and self-made women (which was cute from the chick making that point) and that my posting links is apparently “mansplaining”.

Lovely bit of chicksplaining that was 😉

Why did I even bother?

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  1. Oh, and I have no credibility because my profile picture has a picture of skeletors hand across my face.

    Yeah, really. I wish I were making this up.

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